In House Training


In House Training


"We commit to simplifying the hard to understand theories in the world so that literally, everyone can understand"

Many people give up learning, even when we know it is necessary, because it is just too hard to understand. When we do not understand, we lose confidence. A lot of times we say, “I do not have it in me to understand. Why waste my time learning when I will not understand it anyways?" 

Precena gets to the bottom of this issue.

By extracting the essence of the theory and by delivering the essence using examples that is relatable to everyone, we have received many voices from our clients saying; “NOW, I understand”.

"We commit to making the training as effective as possible by making the training fun×serious×real"

Through our research, we have found that there are 3 essential elements for training to be effective; (a) fun, (b) serious, and (c) real. 

The importance of “fun” in learning is evidently seen throughout our life learning. We become good at things we enjoy because we invest our time and emotions into the learning itself. Without a fun environment for learning, the "curiosity" and "motivation level to learn" has the tendency to decline.

We have also found that simply fun does not deliver the expected results, especially in the context of professional training. Without a serious output and deep insight created during the training, the experience of the training is remembered as an experience that was simple enjoyable. 

Another essential aspect to enhance effectiveness is how "real" the training is. The training content must be delivered through constant reflection in the real-life scenario. Without a clear linkage between the content and real life, the learnings cannot be implemented.

By infusing these elements into our training, we have received many voices from our clients saying “I am proactively applying the skills I have learned in my work".

Trained Coaches as Instructors
"Every instructor is trained in coaching so that the training becomes transformational rather than transactional"

Our stance is "everyone already has experienced both success and failures in their career and the key to success is already understood by everyone. It is a matter of realizing themselves and taking ownership of that realization."

As such, we conduct the coaching method of asking the right questions at the right time with a focus on the individual’s development process inside the training. We are the coaches inside the training environment. Emphasis is on “asking” rather than “telling”, and facilitating their learning journey so that everyone learns through at their own pace through their own thinking.

By having emphasis on this type of training delivery, we have received many voices from our clients saying “the realization process was very powerful, and it changed how I view the world".


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