Toyota Astra Motor

"Maximizing Organization’s Potential through Promoting Shared Culture"

Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) and Precena discussed about the importance of educating their talents to sustainably grow the company and how embracing the shared culture is the key to unite and leverage on the potential of the organization.  Ms. Astrid Nursalim, and Ms. Mirandi Swari from Human Resource Department of TAM shares their view below.

1. Importance of Shared Culture in this era of  disruption
We are facing the era of disruption. The new wave of digital transformation and automation is changing how people provide value to society. Some of the work that was considered a unique job to be done by human beings are no longer unique, and are being redefined. In this era of change, the critical question to be answered as an HR leader is, how we see the future of our employees. 
Toyota Astra Motor sees the employees not just as operators of machines or people that conduct work that can be simply be automated in the near future. We want our employees to work in areas and possess the skillsets necessary to lead the change for innovation and growth. This is the process of humanizing the essential work. Leading change and innovation cannot be done by machines.
It can only be done through the transaction of experts working at Toyota Astra Motors where everyone is chipping in ideas to change the status quo. This endeavour is crucial to fulfil the promise of sustaining best experiences by our customers.
If transaction of experts is the crucial activity in the era of disruption, how effective and efficient this transaction can be realized becomes the key success factor. Our approach to this is through sharing of the same culture. A common language, a common way of thinking, common values shared within TAM allows people from different backgrounds to complement each other to lead change and innovation. This common language, common way of thinking, common values is what is called the “Toyota Way”. It is the DNA of Toyota employees that should be embedded regardless of age, positional experience, or background. It is one of the key drivers that unites Toyota employees together, and what makes Toyota different. The culture that is shared within the organization enables us to sustain our competitiveness in the market. 
2. The Importance of Toyota Culture for Business Sustainability

"The diversity becomes an asset rather than a cause of friction between employees. The collaboration effort cannot be managed without this shared culture."

The mobility industry is entering a very competitive stage. The landscape of competition can change within a matter of days. The disruption era is opening up the market to new entrants which is in effect influencing how customers consider their needs. As such, more ideas and initiatives to tackle the changing environment is crucial.  One of TAM’s strategic approach to this situation is through promoting rotation of employees at a shorter term where they are exposed to more responsibilities throughout their career and not limited to one specialty. Employees are now required to step out of their comfort zone, explore new areas of business, bring fresh and innovative ideas from diverse perspectives. A normal company may face few issues when implementing this as it is difficult to manage a team with so much diversity and so much change. However, Toyota Astra Motor’s experience is quite different. Through the sharing of common language, common way of thinking, and common values, this transition brings more merit than issues. This is the reason why people development in the field of promoting the common language, common way of thinking, and common values is critically important for us.
3. Collaboration with Precena
Our collaboration with Precena is to promote this shared culture within the organization called Toyota Business Practice (TBP).  TBP is a shared problem solving language and way of thinking embedded in every professional at Toyota. Collaboration with Precena is a strategic partnership. It is with the objective to enhance the company’s competitiveness through promoting and deepening the shared understanding of TBP in the attempt to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of daily communication and collaboration within the organization. 
Our challenge when teaching Toyota Business Practice (TBP) was how to make the content really understandable and easy to relate to for everyone in the company. The training collaborated with Precena brought results. Precena was able to simplify the essential messages of TBP and provide relatable stories that could be understood by everyone regardless of their background.

Thus, the learnings became applicable, not just to work but in their daily lives as well. The method brought in by Precena also inspired our trainers to use simpler and attractive concepts that makes TBP become easier and more interesting.