Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

"Gaining Collaboration through Mutual Language and Dynamic Development"

Human resource development is one of the most challenging area that must be enhanced to face the competitive future. It is one of the “key defining factors” to grow the business. This initiative to support employees’ development, to enable and maximize their potential, is also in line with the “Toyota Way”, the culture and value lived by Toyota professionals around the globe. In this session, Mr. Henry S. Wibowo, Ms. Anindita Karti, and Ms. Indita Setyorini as HR team in TMMIN share their thoughts about human resource development in TMMIN and the partnership with Precena.

1. Ideal Situation of Human Resource in TMMIN

“We focus to face the competitive future through our people. In the era of competitiveness where we are not just competing with our usual suspects, quality speedy decision making andcollaboration within the organization to create, explore, and deploy innovative ideas is the key.”

To enable such operation within the organization, the supervisors and assistant managers’ layer will play an important role. They function as the backbone of the business by mastering and making continues improvement in the daily operations. If the daily operation is handled and managed through continuous improvement activities (KAIZEN), managerial level could focus on making a more competitive roadmap for TMMIN for the mid-term, while the directors can focus on the long term competitiveness and sustainability of the business.

In order to achieve this ideal situation, we believe developing the employees’ potential is the key.

In managing human resources, we have two choices of (1) procuring talent, or (2) developing our employees. Based on Toyota Way, we make a clear and strategic decision to continuously invest our time and resources on developing “our people”. The culture and DNA of developing each other within the organization is one of the core competitive edges we have as an organization where everyone teaches and are being taught on a daily basis. That is how we build a system of continuous improvement (KAIZEN) of our people as well.

At the end of the day, our employees make the business. As such, Human Resource Development is equally significant to Business Development.

2. Developing the Business through Effective Collaboration

“We live in an era where innovative ideas is the key to winning competition. To promote innovation, collaboration amongst stakeholders to provide stimulating discussions from cutting edge views is critical. Rather than limiting the discussion within the silo organizational structure, effective collaboration within the organization allows for dynamic decision making and implementation where all stakeholders can provide creative input in idea generation and also work closely together for efficient implementation.”

Collaboration is about involving relevant stakeholders and utilizing each other’s strengths. However, this can only be efficient and effective if the organization shares a “common language” when communicating. Without the common language, the collaboration process can actually become the bottleneck of moving things forward with much miscommunication and stress in the very process of collaboration. We hold a comprehensive program with Precena for Logical Thinking and Problem Solving (Toyota Business Practice) with the objective to establish exactly this. To establish, enforce, and promote “common language” within the organization for effective collaboration. 

The training and assignments conducted together with Precena push our people to make high-quality output by coordinating and collaborating with other relevant departments using the logical thinking and problem solving as the common language.

It triggers them to enrich their mind by understanding other’s perspective. Most importantly, it allows for the organization as a whole to think about the big picture, to understand the ultimate goal of the company and work in unity as a team towards that goal. After the training, people start communicating with the common language, providing feedback to each other even when they have different roles and functions. It is helping to make quicker and more educated everyday decisions.

The additional merit of the program is its effect on the upper management. The current target of the program is for Supervisors and Assistant Managers. However the Management is also involved as it is required for them to scale up their knowledges and skill in providing effective mentoring to their subordinates on their assignments. 

3. Precena as TMMIN Partner on Developing the Human Resources

“At the first meeting with Precena, I saw Precena as a partner because Precena listened and was able to trigger a discussion to find the real problem before jumping to the solution. As a consulting partner, Precena supports us to find the root of the problem and make a program to answer the very issue in human resource.”

Our first collaboration with Precena was when we created a training program for TMMIN future talents. Since then, we have been collaborating for four years. Until now, we have created multiple programs to various layers and functionalities. 

The key factor why we choose Precena as our partner is the flexibility and wide perspective that Precena offers. Together with Precena, we always conduct continuous improvement on recurring training programs to make the learning journey better for the participants each time.

Providing a high-quality professional training that solves our issue is the key point for the long-partnership with Precena.”