We are entering a new era. An era where technology takes on work that was once handled by human kind. The push towards automation and digital transformation in the challenge to enhance productivity of all things is shaping the world into a different eco-system where "value" that human beings should or can provide is being "re-evaluated".

And yet, even under such transformation and ambiguity, we still thrive towards a better self. To be 1 millimeter better then yesterday. To enjoy the process of nurturing our communities and taking active part in our own unique way in the system we develop.

No matter how advanced the technology becomes, or how non-human centric the world evolves, the human endeavor to educate and train ourselves is a never ending journey. The feeling of development, the feeling of taking part in the community as an individual with an identity is what keeps us going. The big engine.

We, Precena will commit to this never ending journey of supporting individual growth. To support the process that brings happiness in the world of ambiguity.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting you.


"Precena Strategic Partners aims to contribute to enterprise development and individual growth
by systematizing and disseminating the use of business skills"


  • Precena Strategic Partners, Ltd., is established in Otowa, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Japan, with 3 million yen in capital.

  • Operations begun by providing Management Consulting and other services.

  • Head office moved to Iidabashi 1-chome, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan, to accommodate growth.

  • Company reorganized into a corporation and capital increased to 10 million yen.

  • Launched the Course Materials Development business. Began joint development of problem solving course materials with Toyota Motor Corporation.

  • Assessment business began regular provision of assessments to measure training results, as hiring tests, and for employee evaluation to Sumitomo Corporation and several other companies.

  • Head office moved to current location at Iidabashi 4-chome, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan, to accommodate growth.

  • Jointly developed course materials for new employee training, junior employee mentorship, and leadership with Toyota Motor Corporation.

  • Launched the International Office to begin global expansion of operations.

  • Launched the Contents Division, released the Precena Learning System (PLS) Began providing Web Learning courses to Aeon Co., Ltd., and several other companies.

  • Began providing business skills training in English to GREE, Inc.

  • Problem Solving, the core subject of the business skills training business, was published in book form.

  • Precena Strategic Partners Pte. Ltd., established as the firm’s Singaporean local subsidiary to support expansion of operations across Asia.

  • Precena JAC Strategic Partners established in Indonesia to support expansion of operation in Indonesia and other regions.